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Sow Ay / Forsaken Star
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Music and visual addict, creative making tons of shit at


Star by sow-ay
Sometimes, I come back on dev' and see the last pieces I submitted on my gallery. And this is frustrating to see my work represented by those pieces. So I need to post cooler artworks.
So here's the visual I made for my Forsaken Star brand, mainly for my business cards and as a print. And probably later for a flag, or a big printed thing to look cool on pop up stores and cons.
Patreon by sow-ay
I discovered patreon this summer with OnlyLeigh (check out her work, she's awesome!) and was like "woah, people help the artist to go on, this is so awesome" so I thought I could give it a try. I love sharing my work with people ! Sending them stickers, prints, drawing, they're always so happy that it always makes my day !! But at the same time, I felt a bit guilty, as if it was stealing people for stupidities... And also 'who would support my shit?'

As it gets really harder financially, the thought of going on patreon came back. So here I am :

Big thanks to Hinovirus/Nooby Booby for encouraging me on this. On this and on so many things. Seriously without you, the self confidence would be so so low under 0.

For the picture : I love SO SO MUCH mixing up everything : photo, taking my old vector super rabbits, drawings, photomanipulation, making the sky emotionnal...
Can't hold by sow-ay
Can't hold
Hello deviant friends, it's been a while ! (that's weird to introduce like that with the picture I just posted)

I sometimes come back just to add tons of awesomeness to my favourites.
I'm sorry if I almost never post here, I'm a bit lost between tumblr, tapastic shitbook & co. I'll try to update my dev' more often.

I'm still working the most I can and that becomes harder and harder to keep faith in my projects when you have a family that keep criticizing & saying "no-one cares about your useless stuff". I got convinced that I'm just a shit. But I still go on and try to be positive. (I keep hearing it's the most important). I made a new website and was quite proud to  success making it all by my own ( it's here : ), I've even organized a "VIP Opening Night" that meant a lot to me since Forsaken Star is my most important & personal project. I've learnt a lot, had great fun in hard time with that project. And only 4 friends came. Half of them haven't even answered to my text. And no internet friend seemed to care enough to come.
This is when the shadow came back more stronger than ever. Sometimes, I just want to shut off all my internet accounts forever and disappear...

I found a job that has nothing to do with design. I'm starting tomorrow, and I hope it'll be great.
Work is the best thing to fill up your mind with something other than doubts and all those bad things.
(the one that comes back after years)
OMG ! Deviantart changed so much !!! Watch feed and all that now.

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Mais de rien ami d'Yzeure ! :)
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